Bad Poetry

In honor of national poetry month, I’ve taken to writing some bad poetry. I thought I’d share it with you.

In the mornings,
I force myself out of bed.
I take comfort in holding the cat.
I put on clothes that don’t require
effort, relying on outfits from the past,
disappointed that my joy in outfit-planning is gone.
This is depression.

I look at social media,
cringe at the motivational pages I’m following,
reminders of the positivity and lightness I’m not feeling.
This is depression.

At the office,
I muster up a smile, maybe a laugh.
I ask how you are, answer your questions.
Inside “Keep it together, don’t cry” is on repeat.
This is depression.

I stare at my Outlook inbox demanding my attention,
little red flags taking over my screen.
I know answers are expected, actions to be taken,
follow-up required.
Instead I shift my gaze to the window.
“Keep it together, don’t cry” is back on repeat.
This is depression.

I avoid eye contact, hide in my cubicle.
I pick one task to complete, and it takes three
times longer than before.
I dread meetings, the interactions,
and cancel what I can, remind myself
to appear functional, and forge ahead.
This is depression.

I long for my drive home,
when I can finally stop playing on repeat
“Keep it together, don’t cry,” let the tears flow.

This is depression.

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